How Mobile Technology Impacts the Real Estate Industry

Mobile technology is facilitating the real estate transactions with user-friendly apps to cater to the needs of the realtors and the buyers as well.

 FREMONT, CA:  The massive growth in the use of mobile devices has made the realtors consider it a suitable platform for real estate marketing, communication, and transactions. According to a report, 98 percent of realtors believe that a mobile device is essential in their day-to-day work. Based on another survey, 96 percent of realtors agreed that using a mobile device to access property data saves a significant amount of time during the workday. Further, buyers are also using mobile devices to cover various aspects of the home search process.

 Mobile apps are enabling the realtors across the globe to send customized reports to clients through app-based messaging. Additional functionalities in certain apps enable agents to provide customized reports to clients and offer job-specific tasks such as aggregating buyer queries, viewing data, scheduling real estate meetings, and digitalizing processes.  

 The growth of social media as a form of communication is also contributing to the real estate. And mobile technology is the key to the above trend as most of the people use their mobile devices to access social media platforms. Realtors are trying to leverage the above trend by increasing their presence on social media. Apart from marketing, such platforms also allow the realtors to interact with their potential customers. Property buyers are also using social media for buying suggestions and tips from friends as well as to view their agents’ social media pages.

 Mobile applications are increasingly getting designed to cater to sale and property leasing. Customers, as well as realtors, are finding such applications convenient and safe. Mobile technology is also cutting down the need of the apartment owners to put up billboards or pay for an advertisement in a local newspaper.

 Based on the current trends, mobile platforms are expected to dominate the real estate activities in the future completely. Firms that align their goals and strategies according to the emerging mobile trends will dominate the market.

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