How Protech is Shouldering the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is shaping up in response to the technological breakthroughs that proptech companies have made

FREMONT, CA: Today, proptech is supplying the real estate industry with a framework for future development. From developers and brokers to owners and tenants, everybody is experiencing the transformation. The longtime limitations that characterized business in realty are now being solved. Pain points that used to make revenue growth have now been eliminated. In many ways, proptech seems to have alleviated the concerns of stakeholders in real estate to build new opportunities instead. The following list cites some ways in which proptech powers the real estate today.

• Sustainability of Properties

Proptech companies are at the forefront of demonstrating how advanced technologies can be molded to develop beneficial solutions for applications such as property management, tenant management, and property pricing, among others. The trend of smart homes has also gained momentum due to the advanced systems that proptech companies have developed. From intelligent monitoring and controls that bolster energy efficiency to smart security solutions that contribute to the protection, technology has been at the core.   

• Hassle-Free Deals

The point of contact between developers, brokers, and renters have also evolved owing to efforts from optimized property platforms. Today, matching the right buyer with the right property has achieved an unbelievable level of convenience. With virtual reality technology, builders are today able to market their projects to potential buyers over the internet. Deals that used to take really long can now be concluded in a matter of minutes. Even the process of documentation has been simplified with electronic verification and real-time transactions.

• Cost-Efficient Maintenance and Management

In addition to the initial investment, stakeholders also have to spend considerable sums of money in maintaining properties. However, with proptech, property management and maintenance woes have also been solved to a great extent. Today, it is possible to monitor operational systems across building, both commercial and residential, using digital twins. Since the replica delivers information in real-time, predictive maintenance is possible.

Thus, proptech has been the magic wand for the real estate industry. With technology at its core, the property sector is now ready to delve into the future.

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