How Space-As-A-Service Impacts Space Optimization

Space as a service model helps the real estate industry provide solutions to the increasing need for effective space utilization of offices, homes, and more.

FREMONT, CA: Space As A Service (SAAS), advanced property technology is rapidly gaining the attention of real estate professionals. The revolutionary proptech solution not only helps the real estate professionals manage the property space utilization issues but also brings flexibility to explore new business opportunities in the global market. The changing lifestyles of today's consumers encourage real estate organizations to improvise their existing business model with flexible and customer-centric solutions. SAAS-based models help the real estate business professionals explore new opportunities to target the digital-age customers with optimized solutions that trigger real estate property smart utilization while increasing revenue.

1. Co-Working Space

Today, more and more organizations and enterprises are encouraging the idea of remote and flexible working options that boost the concept of co-working model. Co-working space providers use SAAS to maintain the schedule of space utility by different organizations and identify the availability of spaces in the building for future allotment.

The end-to-end service model guides the freelancing professionals or solopreneurs to make optimum use of their workspace and only paying for the days and times that they utilize the workspace. The space utilization solutions boost the adoption of space as a service model across the real estate professionals dealing with workspace demands, as the model can effectively balance the growing workspace demands with customer satisfaction.

2. Co-Living Space

Today, relocation of corporate professionals makes it difficult for them to search for a house and set up home appliances on a regular basis. The professionals’ continuous relocation limits them from buying necessities like kitchen appliances, furniture, and more. Like co-working spaces, SAAS models offer co-living spaces, a perfect solution to face the living challenges of constantly shifting professionals.

Co-living spaces work on the micro-rental system where the users or customers pay only for their used day. Co-living spaces offer all the facilities like home, including kitchen appliances, furniture, multiple rooms for multiple purposes, and more. The initiative draws massive attention of the customers searching for residential spaces and automatically raises the revenue of living space providers.

3. Retailing Spaces

Both large and small retailers are approaching space as a service business model. SAAS model offers optimized space with numerous facilities for retail stores. The SAAS model spaces often offer modular walls and lightings that can be repositioned according to the retailers’ need and enable flexible ways to expand the usability of retail stores. The advanced concept eliminates the system of long-term leases and high rents, saving the capital expenditure of retailers and providing easy and numerous renting opportunities for space providers.  

The real estate's new technology partner, space as a service, creates an active usage cycle of real estate properties while limiting the regular need of changing the infrastructure according to different tenants. SAAS brings innovative property solutions and applications for installation, which helps the real estate property providers achieve future demands of high-tech customers. As the rapidly changing lifestyles of the customers impact their requirements, the real estate business professionals continue to search for advanced solutions and keep attracting the attention of new customers for business growth. 

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