How to Improve Visitor Management Experience

Businesses can benefit from adopting a five-star hotel approach to immediately meet and exceed their guests' comfort, needs, and expectations.

Fremont, CA: All businesses that care about their reputations should strive to provide a seamless visitor experience. The experience one's visitors have when they arrive at one's workplace can have a direct impact on their perception of one's company. As a result, it is critical to get things started on the right foot.

On the surface, visitor management appears simple, but it entails more than simply greeting and directing visitors to their destinations. Visitors are expected to provide information such as an I.D. and the name of the person they are scheduled to see when they enter one's workplace. They may even be asked to sign an NDA or other paperwork and wait for a name tag in some cases. This potentially time-consuming process frequently takes valuable time away from one's front-desk staff, causes congestion in the reception area, and can create an overall negative visitor experience.

Here are some helpful steps that any company can take to reduce the complexities of visitor management and improve the process for a more seamless visitor experience.

Offer Five-Star First Impressions

Long waits in reception areas are often frowned upon by visitors. Businesses can benefit from adopting a five-star hotel approach to immediately meet and exceed their guests' comfort, needs, and expectations.

In order to make a good first impression on visitors, incorporate practises that enhance their experience as they enter your workplace. As the first point of contact with the company, receptionists should be encouraged to be friendly and welcoming. Even if time is limited, reception staff can inform guests of any amenities available to them. Assemble an inviting and comfortable reception area, complete with reading materials, seating, and refreshments.

Visitor management systems can aid in creating a positive first impression by ensuring that the entire sign-in process is completed quickly and securely upon a guest's arrival. A digital visitor sign-in system helps companies with limited or no reception staff welcome visitors while keeping them up to date about their appointment.

Employees can be instantly notified of a visitor's arrival and details and then given instructions on how to wait. Because 80 percent of respondents in the US said that knowing their wait time ahead of time would reduce their reception frustration, having wait instructions on hand can significantly improve the visitor experience.

All of these efforts work together to streamline the sign-in process, ensure guests' comfort, and reduce long wait times, resulting in a positive first impression for visitors.

Surprise Visitors with the Lobby

When visitors enter their reception or lobby area, many businesses miss out on an opportunity to improve their guest experience. A combination of thoughtful design and branding is an effective way to offer an authentic experience.

Small changes to a company's lobby can help it reinforce its brand and communicate thought leadership. Consider providing both wired and wireless charging stations to demonstrate one's technological prowess. Businesses can demonstrate their commitment to common-area safety protocols by including a visitor agreement at reception. Colorful decor, live plants, warm lighting, and comfortable furniture all help to make a good first impression.

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