Kzas Bags $4M to Augment Business Excellence

Kzas has raised $4 million to develop its AI and data science platform to provide better services.

FREMONT, CA: São Paulo-based, Brazilian startup, and property matchmaker, Kzas, has raised $4 million led by Redpoint eventures. The company would be using the raised capital to hire additional staff for its real estate managing platform, and equity will also be used to develop its AI and data science. The Kzas software platform offers a detailed pre-analysis of requirements, documentation, availabilities, and credit, and then suggests matches among properties and clients, portraying a high ability of closing deals. With Kzas, buyers can digitally operate with autonomy and control within a user-friendly interface. They are assisted by a virtual assistant named Kimi: a specialist in promoting kazamentos between home buyers and sellers.

Kzas' aim is to turn its market side up by focusing on the buyer and providing an extraordinary and transparent property-purchase experience, in which the consumer feels safe, confident, and, above all, valued. One of Kzas' unique differentials is its status as a command center that curates, maps, and independently qualifies the complete market of new and used properties, even suggesting adequate prices based on current market values. The company only promotes matches between property sellers and buyers that have the best potential for closing deals. This compatibility is established after a comprehensive assessment of the individual needs and credit approval of each buyer, in addition to thorough verification of the property's documentation and characteristics.

Kzas is a smart real estate platform, connecting buyers to the right and compatible sellers. The buyer is the protagonist and can start the acquisition of a property through the channel of their choice in Kzas' service with a specialist's assistance always available. The company aims to use technology to change the profile of the real estate market, turning the buying process into a positive, simple, transparent, and safe experience. 

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