Lindo Launches Dual-Cam Video Doorbell To Remove Blind Spots Around Doorways

Lindo dual-cam video doorbell comes with features assuring safety and security.

FREMONT, CA: Home Security is becoming an essential part of security because conventional video doorbell doesn't detect sneaky porch pirate stealing packages. This led to the creation of Dual-Cam video doorbells.

In line with its vision to revolutionize the home security industry, Lindo has come up with its first product, the Mega Plus Dual-Cam Video Doorbell 2K. It is a video doorbell with two cameras to ensure no blind spots are created at the doorway and downward. On the world stage, this is the brand's debut on the international stage, and it is sure to be an exciting event. At the end of July, preorders will be available on Kickstarter.

A double assurance feature of the Lindo Mega Plus Video Doorbell:

Dual Cameras: for human and package detection

Featuring a 2K forward-facing camera that monitors your entryways and a second downward-facing camera that detects your packages being delivered, the Lindo Mega Plus Dual-Cam Video Doorbell is the perfect home security installation. Lindo Mega Plus doorbells have a wider field of vision when compared to single-camera doorbells, which reduces the chance of blind spots at your doorway.

Dual Sensors: PIR and rader

In addition to radar sensors, the Lindo Mega Plus Dual-Cam Video Doorbell is equipped with PIR sensors for body heat detection and radar sensors for movement detection. When combined with human motion detection, it can prevent false alarms from occurring due to falling leaves, flying bugs, and other unwanted objects.

Dual power supply source: battery or wired

There is support for both wired and battery-powered installations. There is no need to worry about charging your doorbell when you install it wired. There is no need to worry about power outages because the battery backup allows the doorbell to work even if the power goes out. It won't take you more than 3 minutes to complete the installation for battery-powered installations.

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