Livly Announces Partnership with CA Ventures

Livly's core suite of products includes the Livly Resident Mobile App and Property Manager Hub. The new partnership with CA Ventures marks an exciting new chapter in both company's evolutions.

FREMONT, CA: Livly, the Chicago-based technology company bringing a unified operating system to multifamily residential properties nationwide, announced the launch of its new partnership with CA Ventures, a leading global real estate investment management company with over $13 billion in assets. The two companies will partner on the launch of the Livly digital platform within CA's student living portfolios globally.

"Over the last year, Livly and CA have worked collaboratively to develop the first enterprise-grade resident experience platform tailored for student living," said Brian Duggan, Co-CEO of Livly. "We have created a unified Operating System that streamlines processes and elevates resident experiences and engagement – an approach that benefits residents and owners/operators alike."

Following a comprehensive assessment of trends in the real estate space in addition to feedback from residents and property staff, Livly has developed a unique set of digital applications and apartment management tools that will drive efficiency and bring value across a broad set of technology use cases.

"Providing exceptional resident experiences has always been foundational to CA's strategy," said Mark Zikra, Senior Vice President of Technology and Innovation at CA. "The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the importance of high-quality management services, and we recognize that providing our residents with convenient and reliable communications, building information and integrated experiences is imperative. Our partnership with Livly furthers our commitment to delivering extraordinary experiences and service excellence to each of our communities. We are proud of the product we have created with Livly and are thrilled to share this app with the community that inspired it – our residents."

New features designed in close partnership with CA, which are now part of the Livly digital platform, include:

Customizable Resident Mobile App – Residents can enjoy a new widget-based user interface on their Livly App that allows them to quickly access and customize their favorite features from the home screen. Residents can drag and drop widgets to manage their apartment life in a way that best adapts to their personal life.

Information Desk Content Management System – Community Managers can easily organize and share information with their colleagues and residents. Residents also benefit from a central repository for both their personal documents and building information and guidelines.

VIP Concierge Service – VIP residents, can chat in real-time with their concierge staff via the Livly Mobile App, providing them with hotel-grade service.

Instant Insights Platform – Property staff benefit from a robust set of analytics that enables them to track occupancy, property usage, and business performance at multiple levels with automatic insights and signals to control their community's future.

Entrata Integration – Partners can take advantage of Livly's deep integration with the leading property management solution, Entrata, which allows residents to pay their rent and submit maintenance requests, all from the Livly Resident Mobile App.

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