New AI-Based Camera for Home Protection

An AI-based panoramic camera is ensuring home protection with its crystal-clear 1080p high-definition features.

FREMONT, CA: A consumer electronics and smart hardware maker, Xcentz, has launched the IC-62111 artificial intelligence (AI)-based WiFi panoramic camera. The new camera is designed to offer crystal-clear 1080p high-definition (HD), 24/7 home protection. With the market growing at an unprecedented rate, the global video surveillance industry is shifting its focus to high definition level resolution of images and AI-powered cameras. Voice interaction, image recognition, and AI technologies have empowered the smart camera market, facilitating the transformation of the industry. The new panoramic camera is powered by a professional photo-processing chip that helps deliver crystal clear images.

Xcentz Security Camera has a real-time genuine HD feature, providing a 360-degree HD panoramic view of every cranny and nook in the home, day and night. It also has a clear night vision as the advanced noise-canceling technology helps offer homeowners with a clear view of the entire room up to 10 meters (33 feet) from the target in a darkened environment. The built-in 36dB microphone and loudspeaker, magnified by anti-noise technology, offer users uninterrupted two-way communication. Xcentz Security Camera has smart alert features which have real-time motion detection alert notifications are sent to the user's smartphone if the camera detects any action within the home. With the movement tracing functionality, the camera captures a moving object, tracks its path, and sends an alert to the smartphone. It has reliable safety protection, preventing the information transferred between the user and site/server from being hacked, counterfeited, or read by any external party. Xcentz Security Camera also supports Alexa, where real-time videos are displayed via the Alexa On/Off functionality.

Xcentz is a smart hardware and consumer electronics maker with a mission to create better looking, functioning, and better-priced technology while having way more fun in the process. The company pursues minimalism, making the concept the sole starting point of Xcentz's professionals and its brand philosophy, focusing on the real requirements of users. Xcentz focuses on advanced design styles, leading R & D technologies, and excellence in quality. 

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