New Cubicasa Product Makes Floor Plans Standard In The U.S.

The revolutionary smartphone home scanning application offers a first-of-its-kind pricing structure to improve the experience for real estate professionals and homebuyers across the nation.

FREMONT, CA: “Despite significant consumer demand for floor plans, they’re still a niche product in our country. In other real estate markets around the world, floor plans are quite common, and we think it’s time the U.S. caught up,” states Jeff Allen, President of CubiCasa. CubiCasa, a worldwide real estate software firm based in Oulu, Finland, will offer a free floor plan option for their mobile floor plan scanning technology in the U.S.

“With our recent technology advancements, we’re now in a position to make our product more accessible than it’s ever been. By offering a free version of our mobile scanning technology in the U.S., we’re helping potential buyers make more informed decisions, while empowering agents and sellers to market their properties more effectively, and supporting a modern valuation process for both appraisers and lenders. We envision a future where every property in America has a floor plan,” adds Allen.

Due to recent advancements in its cutting-edge computer vision technology, CubiCasa is now offering a free version of its software in the United States and lower prices for all its products elsewhere. This effort is intended to make floor plans ubiquitous in the United States, something the market has required for some time but had no obvious road to achieving.

According to research by the National Association of REALTORS®, floor plans are the third most sought element on a house listing, following standard listing photographs and property information. However, only a small percentage of property listings in the United States include floor plans, but in many other countries, they are typically due to the enormous benefits they offer for a more efficient real estate market.

Including a floor plan can make a property listing more appealing, contribute to a higher sales price and faster closing time, and improve the homebuying experience for real estate agents, photographers, appraisers, mortgage lenders, home insurance providers, homeowners, and homebuyers.

Agents use CubiCasa's technology to make their properties more appealing and competitive to potential buyers, despite fluctuating market conditions, by making it easier than ever to design a floor plan—and now for free in the United States. The MLS community, large real estate brokerages, and individual agents have all adopted the application.

“We’re very happy that we found CubiCasa,” states Trey Miley, a broker, and owner of

1 Percent Lists Legacy. “The app is simple to use, accurate, and really takes the guesswork out of collecting property measurements. Within a few minutes, we can complete a scan and move on to our next appointment, saving valuable time. CubiCasa’s state of the art technology has allowed us to spend more time on what we do best and helps show clients that we use the best tools out there to get their home sold.”

CubiCasa will provide upgrades to every free floor plan that is scanned. These extras include adding fixed furniture and feature details to the floor plan, ANSI-aligned GLA outputs for the appraisal process, and a six-hour delivery window for expedited orders. Using CubiCasa's technology, users can create a floor plan on their own or access the Company's vast network of more than 2,000 authorized photographers in all 50 states, who are available to help add value to a listing.

CubiCasa's mobile capture technology, which has created over 1 million floor plans to date, can be utilized by anybody with a smartphone without prior training. The technology generates a highly accurate floor plan sketch from a simple home walkthrough, with the option to calculate GLA following ANSI standards. CubiCasa's technology helps reduce property data collection and inspection errors and irregularities. Square footage is the second-most important factor in determining a home's value, after location.

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