New Entrepreneurial Platform Revolutionizing Buying-Selling Real Estate

A new platform for Texas entrepreneurs is modernizing the process of buying and selling real estate.

FREMONT, CA: Savvi Properties has launched 'Sell My Home' platform to change the way how Texas entrepreneurs are buying and selling real estate. The company works with local homeowners that require selling their home using modern financing. The platform is created for entrepreneurs to get set up in the real estate business without any prior experience, purchasing, or investment capital.

Savvi provides the most competitive advanced pay plan in Texas real estate, offering up to 50 percent commission on real estate transactions depending on the role of the Savvi specialist. Savvi aims to make it easier for entrepreneurs to get into the Texas real estate market. These new tools will help Texas entrepreneurs to reach more people, set more appointments, and close more deals through means of inbound and outbound marketing.

Savvi is helping homeowners understand all their options when it comes to financing their homes, mortgages, and home equity lines of credit. The company brings an honest narrative around its content and sales leaving out misleading information, openly identifying the nature of the business and the intention and strategy behind what it does. Savvi produces call tracking and reporting, call system management, increased productivity through a streamlined sales process and follows up automatically with customers at the right time. Savvi understands that moving is a preference and circumstantial-related, so narrowing down a good time to move is hard. Savvi is helping hundreds in the Texas market transition to new living in a hassle-free way.

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