Orro Expands Lineup With New Lighting-Only Switch

Fremont, CA: Orro, the company behind the Orro Smart Living System, an intelligent, adaptive lighting and home control system, has released its latest product, the Orro S switch. At $149 (MSRP), Orro S offers the same human-centric, automatic lighting experience as the company's flagship touchscreen and voice-enabled Orro One switch, but at a more affordable price for any lighting project's budget. Orro's revolutionary devices, a unified, smart living system in the form factor of a standard-sized light switch, unlock new revenue opportunities for home builders and integrators through an easy-to-install, easy-to-sell format.

"With the addition of Orro S, we believe we have the most versatile, intelligent lighting and whole home control system available, now for any home and budget," said Colin Billings, CEO of Orro. "Our company's mission includes making homes more peaceful, happier, and healthier places to live and work by using lighting that is tailored to our specific needs and natural rhythms. We're bringing this experience to more rooms and a broader range of projects with Orro S."

The Orro S, as a sensor-enabled, intelligent dimmer, offers all of the human-centric benefits associated with the Orro ecosystem and experience. The Orro S detects motion, sound, and light and responds with just the right amount of lighting when you need it. Simultaneously, the system learns and adapts based on user habits and preferences, reducing lighting usage by 80 percent. In addition, the Orro S can be used independently or in conjunction with the Orro One, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to benefit from Orro's Smart Living System without the additional smart home control features.

The Orro S, which is currently in private beta, will be available for the spring/summer home building season. In addition, the product will be displayed in booth W5787 at the National Association of Home Builders' upcoming International Builders Show.

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