Rapid Urbanization: What do Proptechs Offer?

Proptech companies are ensuring that the growing demand for urban spaces does not lead to a fall in the quality of living.              

FREMONT, CA: New urban spaces have emerged, and older cities have expanded ceaselessly over the last couple of decades. Although governments make efforts to facilitate urbanization and try to accommodate the growing populations, the scenario still remains complicated. The intervention of proptech companies has led to effective solutions in several cases. Proptech firms offer a host of technology-backed solutions and services that are enabling the creation of urban spaces that can cater to the needs of the dwellers. Another aspect that proptech has addressed successfully to an extent is that of sustainability. With sustainable development becoming the norm, proptech companies have been instrumental in empowering the real estate sector to deliver sustainability goals and maintain high standards at the same time. This article talks in detail about how the offerings from innovative proptech companies are supporting urbanization.                 

• Optimizing Commercial Properties 

Malls are one of the key commercial spaces in urban areas. Realtors often invest a lot in developing extensive malls. Getting quick returns is crucial for the real estate sector in such large projects. Proptech companies offer solutions that facilitate renting out of commercial spaces in malls. By streaming the processes through internet-based platforms and technology-enabled solutions, proptech companies are helping businesses find the most appropriate spaces. Simultaneously, proptech is also assisting realtors in renting out shops and office spaces quickly, thereby ensuring the inflow of returns.   

• Busting the Myth of Shortage of Homes

The growing urban population has always found it challenging to find properties to rent or buy. While the price is one critical factor, discovering and accessing available property is another major challenge. Proptech firms have tried to find solutions to both these issues and have succeeded to a great extent. By leveraging the power of technology, proptech companies have developed property portals. The property portals are online platforms where real estate companies and individual owners can put up their properties for potential renters and buyers to view. These portals are crucial because they help buyers and sellers meet in a convenient way, over the internet. This brings down the efforts required from both ends and enables easy and safe deals. Pricing solutions offered by proptech firms also help property owners price their properties in a fair manner, facilitating transparent deals that are beneficial for both parties. Thus, proptech is making properties discoverable and affordable, averting a shortage of homes.  

• Making Sustainability Achievable

In the quest to drive sustainability, proptech companies are crafting innovative solutions. Some of these solutions work towards streamlining energy usage at commercial and residential facilities. Although the adoption of IoT has enabled the collection of data related to the consumption of resources, in most cases, users are not able to decipher the data. Proptech companies are offering solutions that convert consumption data into formats that users can interpret and use.  

Urbanization can be very empowering if it takes place without any compromises. While the real estate sector and government make efforts to deliver the best opportunities for expansion and growth, proptech companies are providing the technology and tools that support the efforts in a qualitative way.   

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