Real Estate Entrepreneur Tej Kohli invested $100M in AI and Machine Learning Platforms

AI will enable the tech world to leap forward by bringing out the best from industry, business, and healthcare sector across the globe by 2025.

FREMONT, CA: Tej Kohli, a London based entrepreneur, and philanthropist, invested $100 million to Rewired, a bot venture focusing on applied science and technologies. The investment built a new road to revolutionize the world with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ventures.

Kohli, a billionaire and co-founder of Kohli Ventures, said that there is a new scope for humans’ progress and commercialization by joining hands with AI and Machine Learning. Kohli estimates the prediction of AI and Internet growth by analyzing in five terms, which are, the prediction of the internet to reach $150 trillion from $50 trillion by 2025 based on the influence of AI in many industries and applications.

The forecast for working of internet, how AI can manifest all of the internet platforms in smarter, better, and more effective way. Shenzen in China and Silicon Valley in the USA, two dominant figures in the rapid growth of AI program. The growing platform of a 5G smartphone reduces the tech barriers and embraces the AI tech.

Rewired has already backed business including, Open Bionics; a Bristol Robotics Laboratory, and Acromyx; a Californian company that digitizes and provides the bots to smell.

"I am not saying that $150 trillion is based on complete adoption of AI across everything. I believe $150 trillion is where you get to when keeping our basic human norms and values intact. It is using AI to make our lives more efficient without radically changing our lives to the full extent that AI is capable of. I estimate this value to be three to four times the Internet,” Kohli added.

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