Real Estate Takes a Leap with the All-New Fintech Crowdfunding Platform

Transformational transaction in real estate crowdfunding has made investments feasible to everyone in a better and more profitable way.  

FREMONT, CA: Rich Uncles (REIT I), a real estate investment trust ("NNN REIT"), has teamed up with another investment trust for the transformational transaction. The NNN REIT has acquired REIT I entering into a contribution agreement with the external manager and sponsor of both REITs. This agreement will eventually contribute all of its assets to NNN REIT's Operating Partnership ("NNN OP"), creating the largest real estate crowdfunded equity REIT with over $450 million in real estate assets. This is done under management and the first fintech real estate crowdfunding platform to be wholly owned by its investors. These transformational transactions have established REIT as the best public, non-listed real estate investment trust. It is very beneficial for investors from internal management with substantial public company real estate experience.

Rich Uncles has become the first and only known company that continuously offers public non-listed equity REIT. It also provides the benefits of diversified private real estate investment with the best publicly listed REITs corporate governance features. Integrating successfully with NNN REIT, Rich Uncles has improved portfolio, poised for growth. The company has offered investors an innovative solution, enabling them to put more of their investment dollars to work.

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Rich Uncles is a real estate investment trust offering the ability to invest in commercial real estate through ownership. The company invests in commercial properties leased to renowned corporate tenants across the country. Rich Uncles collects rents from its tenants and then distributes it to its shareholders in the form of monthly dividends. It has developed a crowdfunding technology platform, enabling average investors to make online real estate investment purchases. Real estate crowdfunding usually matches rich people with a lot of money with people who need money. Among its peers, Rich Uncles is innovative in its allegiance on the division of the crowdfunding equation. 

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