Rent Ready Makes its Fifth Market Launch in Tampa

Fremont, CA: Today, technology is the lifeblood of any business, regardless of its industry. To thrive in these unprecedented times, both multinational corporations and small businesses are embracing technologically enabled innovations.

Rent Ready, a business-to-business services platform transforming how the multifamily industry turns apartments, has expanded into Tampa, adding to its four existing markets: Ga., Atlanta, Charlotte, N.C., Greenville, S.C., and Raleigh, N.C. The automated turn board, the company's new portal that automatically schedules all customers' services with the contractors/service providers needed to prepare – or turn – an apartment for the next resident, is the key to that transformation. There are other platforms that only digitize the calendar option, but this portal significantly improves on existing solutions by automatically scheduling work, showing contractor availability, and truly digitizing the traditional dry-erase board that apartment staff typically use to schedule and track services.

"With close to 1,000 apartment communities, Tampa is certainly doing their fair share of turns, so we are looking forward to significantly lessening the time and frustration onsite staff typically expend," stated Jonathan Kite, CEO, Rent Ready. "By serving as their single-source turn provider, we can reduce their turn-vendor relationships from as many as eight down to just one. We do so by maintaining a network of skilled contractors that perform high-quality work. Then our automated turn board technology does the real magic by automatically scheduling all the turn services, mapping out the units, vendors and timing in a digital format. The technology streamlines the process, providing an extremely simple experience to our customers while keeping us buttoned-up on the back-end to ensure we're continually delivering top-notch service."

Rent Ready eliminates the need for dozens of phone calls, emails, handwritten notes, and laborious steps that a property manager, for example, would normally need to take to line up all of the necessary professionals for one turn. Users can specify the turn services they require – everything from painting and cleaning to carpets and maintenance – with just a few taps on the automated turn board and select add-on services, such as resurfacing – if necessary. Then they determine the optimal length of their turn. The user can see in real-time if their primary service professional is available as they indicate the service they require. If they are unavailable, they can make an immediate decision to hire a new professional or change the requested date.

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