Sevenhugs Secures $9M to Develop Smart Home Solutions

Sevenhugs has secured $9 million to enhance its smart home solutions globally for added convenience for its users. 

FREMONT, CA: Specializing in the design of technological and innovative solutions, Sevenhugs has secured $9 million led by Xerys Capital. This round of investment was followed after the first round of $1.7M and a second of $14.6M from the same investor, which is the Paris Region Venture Fund, managed by CapDecisif Management. Sevenhugs' spatial awareness technology offers intuitive and contextual control of services and devices within the digital home. With Smart Remote, the company provided a unique solution to a two-fold challenge that streamlines the interaction between the digital home and the user to make it more intuitive. Sevenhugs' contextual point & control technology enables Smart Remote's touchscreen to adapt to any device being pointed automatically.

This funding was received to further develop and distribute Sevenhugs' smart home solutions both in the U.S. and globally. Sevenhugs is arming its executive team in research and development in the areas of cloud and artificial intelligence platforms. The recent appointment of Julien Colafrancesco as Sevenhugs' Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and the appointing of Baptiste Daroussin for the post of VP Engineering are to ensure that the advancements go accordingly. 

Sevenhugs builds solutions that streamline the increasingly sophisticated digital home. Sevenhugs specializes in the form of technological and innovative solutions that streamline the increasingly complicated and fragmented digital home. Sevenhugs' vision is to improve the way users interact with technology to fuel embracement and engagement. Sevenhugs aims to build a world of unification, opening new digital experiences, and enhancing the way users interact with all of the connected products and services. 

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