The Hudye Group collaborated with DigitalMint, the market leader in digital currencies

DigitalMint optimizes Hudye Group's Latest Entry into the Cryptocurrency Market Will.

Fremont, CA: Over the last decade, cryptocurrency rapidly outperformed equities, commodities, oil, and even gold as one of the finest and most rewarding investment options. The excitement over bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies didn't die down in 2021. Many new investors have dabbled with bitcoin trading in the hopes of making a killing.

The Hudye Group, a family-owned and controlled real estate and business investment firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona, collaborated with DigitalMint, a premier, exclusive Bitcoin point-of-sale supplier. Hudye Group's newest collaboration aims to simplify the process for customers wanting to acquire excellent real estate with Bitcoin or Ethereum. Hudye Group is pioneering real estate as the latest frontier for cryptocurrencies, opening the door for others to enter this new industry.

"We understand the value of partnering with an established, top-tier Bitcoin provider," said Chairman and President of Hudye Group, Ben Hudye. "This will make the procurement process smooth for our potential buyers and provide them peace of mind, knowing that their cryptocurrency is being handled responsibly and with the utmost efficiency."

DigitalMint has developed a reputation as the go-to settlement provider for mission-critical digital transactions, and several well-known organizations have hired it. They will handle all bitcoin payments for Hudye Group's newest luxury property offerings. With prices starting at 1.6 million dollars, the premier selection of condominiums is located at Optima Camelview and within the Scottsdale Waterfront Residences.

"We welcome the opportunity to work with a reputable, locally-operated real estate business like Hudye Group," said Co-Founder and CEO of DigitalMint, Jonathan Solomon. "It's clear that the Hudye Group is taking all of the right precautions to ensure transactions are seamless and that assets are protected."

The popularity of cryptocurrency has skyrocketed in recent years. With Bitcoin's market worth surpassing 1 trillion dollars in February of this year, it's no wonder that an increasing number of individuals are using their cryptocurrency as a method of payment. Hudye Group saw this requirement as an opportunity to collaborate with a reputable crypto provider to help them with Bitcoin and Ethereum transactions as part of their real estate sales. The objective is to make purchasing cryptocurrencies more accessible to potential customers. This collaboration foreshadows what is to come, not only in the real estate business but also in many other industries.

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