The Significance of Personal Connection in Real Estate

People of all ages want to connect on a deeper level and feel connected to a community, especially when they’re transacting on the most expensive asset of their life.

FREMONT, CA: In an age where technology has changed the way people buy and sell properties, buyers still value personal connections when it comes to real estate transactions.

The use of technology to search for houses can be a helpful tool, but it only creates a one-sided transaction. It cannot take all of a customer’s needs and wants into account, nor can it gauge their emotional desire or reactions to specific property like a real estate agent or broker can.

Proptech will flourish, but it will still require a human touch so that buyers know they are in a safe place when spending huge sums of money on their homes.

Brokers across the United States are ardent about the real estate industry and well informed about their respective communities, and this guarantees that the buyers who work with an agent will be in good hands when looking for a property. Buyers can hire a transaction coordinator for a portion of the cost to transact a deal. But it is not possible to put a monetary value on the expert advice of an agent who lives and breathes real estate in the neighborhood their business is focused on.

People who are hunting for a house can look up on a digital platform to see what types of listings are on the market, but it cannot replace the inside knowledge of a broker who is connected to all the apartment landlords and knows the new home deals that are coming up. This inside knowledge has yet to be broadened socially and dynamically so that real estate agents, buyers, sellers, and renters can coexist, connect, and make deals happen.

Building a Meaningful Connection with Clients

When interacting with a potential client, get a list of their must-haves and deal-breakers. Like a filtering system, scan through potential homes on the market in their price range and desired neighborhood so that it is easier to provide a recommended listing that meets their criteria. It also saves the client’s time and makes it easier for them to find the house they want to make an offer on.

Being available for a client if and when they have questions or need guidance is very important. This is an invaluable resource that automates services, and digital technology cannot replace it. By being available, it establishes trust and rapport while working together.

Being a proficient real estate agent is all about connecting with clients in a meaningful way, bringing the kind of word-of-mouth recommendations that digital technology cannot match.

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