Top-Funded Real Estate Startups Gaining Traction

Well-funded property and real estate disruptors are modernizing the landscape of property sales, paving a way seamless property sales.   

FREMONT, CA: With the rise of property-based startups, the traditional market gaps and inefficiencies have been curtailed. Investors, being experts in the field, have noticed the growing market, and started to invest in the potential startups for maximum returns and profitability. From investment to renting, buying, and selling, property-based startups have made everyone's lives easier than it was ever before. With sufficient funding, these startups are growing exponentially, improving the efficiency in the real estate market with the support of technology. Here are some property-based startups that are modernizing the industry, along with making buying and selling feasible.    


Compass is an industry-first modern real estate platform, which pairs industrial ideologies with technology to make the search and sell experience intelligent and seamless. It also offers a real estate listing application that helps in buying, selling, and renting homes easily. Compass' mission is to help everyone find their place in the world while also delivering an incomparable experience to both agents and their client's. Compass has raised $370 million as funds. 


ZeroDown is a real estate startup focusing on providing solutions for affordable homeownership. The company buys the home a buyer wants, helping them move in without any down payment. Buyers, instead of paying rent to landlords, can now pay ZeroDown towards owning the house. ZeroDown helps buyers build ownership in a home every month, giving the benefits of owning a home, with the flexibility of renting. This property-based startup has raised a total of $100 million. ZeroDown is the first real estate company to address the housing market, making a notable impact directly.


Unearth is a Seattle-based GIS company, which has raised $ 11.6 million in funding. The company initially focused on improving productivity in construction with place-based data management. Now, Unearth is opening the world of GIS by building a modern GIS platform from scratch for everyone. The success of Unearth led to an expanding customer base amongst the broader built world industry. Unearth improves productivity in real estate by providing innovative collaboration software powered by IoT and remote sensing. Unearth is developing an innovative platform that reduces the immense economic pressure, and universal brain damage derailed projects created for owners, general contractors, and the public at large. With the funding, Unearth has expanded its market efforts and engineering teams to develop niche industry solutions more quickly.


Biproxi is a global one-stop-shop for commercial real estate agents to manage the business from listing to close deals. The company provides free commercial multiple listing services, marketing platforms for sales and leasing, and a suite of customized marketing tools. The services are geared toward improving the transaction process for middle-market CRE brokers, buyers, sellers, and tenants. Biproxi helps brokers in finding more buyers to sell properties faster in a hassle-free manner. While surfacing the best options for buyers, Biproxi provides a complete database of listings and information for free with unique marketing solutions and insights. Biproxi has raised $10 million in funding recently, aiming to empower brokers to sell intelligently, and buyers to invest confidently.

Innovation is booming, and new startups are not reluctant to bring fresh ideas into the market. These startups are changing the game of real estates, trying to make selling and buying easier and convenient. Entrepreneurs are innovating, along with other aspects of property tech, from design and architecture, building technologies, to safety and risk management. With technology revolutionizing the world, owning or selling properties have become way more feasible, opening up to trying new solutions. There are transaction platforms that simplify the extremely sophisticated deals to secondary markets, facilitating the trading in real estate as an alternative asset class.  

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