Transformed Decision-Making in Realty: How AR and VR Contribute

The technologies of AR and VR have expanded the opportunities for intelligent decision-making in the property industry.

FREMONT, CA: Digital technologies are now the backbone of the real estate industry. Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) are two prized technologies are transforming many aspects of the property business. The visual technologies have lately become buzzwords owing to the relevance they carry now. Be it enhanced interaction between parties or improved decision-making prospects, AR and VR are enabling a host of functionalities. The following list mentions the different ways in which the decision-making in the property sector has evolved for the better under the influence of the advanced visualization technologies.

• Informed and Effortless Decisions from Buyers

The world of proptech has brought property deals online. Be it renting or buying, agents, builders, and property owners are turning to online platforms. These platforms that host properties have now become the first point of contact between property owners and prospective buyers. AR and VR can add the options of remote property-viewing to these platforms. A virtual tour through a property facilitates easy and fast decision-making, helping all the parties involved to pocket the best possible deal at the earliest.

• Accuracy and Convenience for Developers

By enabling accurate visualization of projects, it is possible for property developers to onboard customers right from the earliest phase of construction. Such an approach removes bottlenecks that often result in delays. Being able to visualize properties from the outset allows pre-planning and efficient budgeting. Since estimations are precise, project management and completion become timely and cost-efficient. Thus, AR and VR permit better decisions in estimation and funding. 

• Opportunities for Customizations

Property developers and managers can offer their clients extensive options for customization with the AR and VR. With the simulations that AR and VR produce, even the minutest aspects of a building's exterior and interior can be depicted, assessed, and finalized. Such options for personalized decision-making can give a competitive edge to property developers and agents in the market.

By complementing the technologies of AR and VR with artificial intelligence and machine learning, the prospects of smart decision-making get a definite boost. For the property industry, such capabilities are the keys that unlock true potential and profitability.    

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