Verkada launches visitor Management Platform "Verkada Guest."

Fremont, CA: The security and functioning of an organization are dependent on visitor management. The focus on security, data integrity, and compliance has shifted from merely digitizing archaic procedures like paper logbooks and manual security checks to a greater emphasis on security, data integrity, and compliance.

Visitor management systems (VMS) have become an operational necessity due to the need to know who is on-site at all of the locations.

Verkada, the pioneer in cloud-managed business building security, launched Verkada Guest, its new guest management system. Verkada Guest, built on Verkada's complete physical security platform, promises to simplify and personalize the guest check-in experience for schools, hospitals, and other institutions.

"Verkada Guest will help organizations bolster their visitor security practices by providing a comprehensive view into how guests interact with their workspace," said Filip Kaliszan, CEO and co-founder of Verkada. "As more and more businesses begin to return on-site safely, the time is right to invest in a state-of-the-art, integrated visitor management system that's easy to use and maximizes security."

Using touchless check-in, photo capture, badge printing, arrival alerts, and even the option to remotely open doors, administrators can build a personalized, personalized experience that can get adjusted to welcome any visitor type. Administrators get empowered by the new platform, which provides them with a history of events about each visitor, including insights from Verkada's native integration with video surveillance, environmental sensors, and access control.

"The integrated view of visitor activity within the Verkada Command platform has been instrumental in providing us visibility into the actions of everyone on campus. With Guest, we've created a safer environment for our teachers and students while eliminating tedious paper logbooks," said Meredith Essalat, Head of School at Mission Dolores Academy.

Verkada Guest will be a key component of the Command platform, making it easier than ever for enterprises to:

• Improve people's and assets' security and safety. The Verkada Command platform provides real-time visibility into the complete guest experience, from check-in to check-out. Designate important locations for cameras and access control, create Person of Interest alerts, and observe a visitor chronology.
• Customize the visitor experience. Create location-specific welcome displays, bespoke check-in routines, and touchless check-in to enable workplace responses.
• Simplify visitor management. Using tiered, role-based access, you may manage site-specific access. Give authorized users control over your guest experience while streamlining and automating the complete end-to-end visitor journey.

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