Ways to Secure Your Home or Workplace from Burglary

According to statistics, 160 burglaries occur every hour in the United States. Every day, roughly 3,840 burglaries occur.

Fremont, CA: When users leave their house unlocked or the windows open while away, things have changed. According to statistics, 160 burglaries occur every hour in the United States. Every day, roughly 3,840 burglaries occur.

As alarming as these figures are, the good news is that user can take a variety of precautions to burglar-proof their house and protect their loved ones.

Let’s see what tips you may apply at home to protect your family from prospective crooks.

Yard lighting

Making sure that outdoor areas are well-lit is an excellent strategy to deter would-be burglars. A well-lit home not only shows that someone is at home but also makes any questionable activity evident to the user and their neighbors.

Street lighting

A well-lit roadway will prevent potential burglars from looking for homes to break into. Burglars favor darkly lit regions where they can remain undiscovered.

If your community lacks enough street illumination, work with local officials to improve the situation. Get engaged with any active neighborhood associations in their region to build up support for their cause.

Improve Visibility

The sight of the home from the road or a neighbor's house is crucial in keeping it safe from the elements. As a security precaution, if one's house is not visible from the road or the road is not visible from inside their property, users may want to reevaluate their landscaping.

Overgrown vegetation and large obstructing trees can hide some portions in their yard and block the view of the road. Out-of-sight locations in the yard are ideal hiding sites for thieves—but they're simple to eliminate!

Trimming huge bushes and trimming overgrown trees will improve overall visibility and assist the neighbors in spotting suspicious activity surrounding their homes.

Hide expensive items

Don't display any high-priced products in the yard or near the windows. Passing burglars are looking for signals that their property has high-value items that can get readily stolen. When not in use, expensive products, such as electronics, should be stored.

Motion detectors

Install a top-rated home security system on one's property and let all worries fade away! Motion detectors are included in today's high-tech alarm systems, alerting users to movement on their property.

Users don't have to be at home to receive these notifications, and they can tailor the zones that require monitoring. Alarm systems with motion sensors also work as a deterrent to potential burglars, making them one of the most effective preventative steps to take to defend one's home.

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