Why Realty Needs a Chatbot

With technology continuing to advance, realtors are now considering the trend of 'bot-o-mating' the real estate operations. 

FREMONT, CA: Potential buyers looking for new places to live or sellers considering offloading the home, look for immediate answers. This is where a chatbot comes in as a perfect solution. Be it a real estate agent or a customer, chatbot proves to be of help by saving time, money, and additional resources. Elucidated below are reasons why chatbot in real estate tends to guarantee success. 

When users land on a realty website, they can immediately get their queries answered by the chatbots. They do not have to wait for assistance from a human agent to seek answers about the property they are interested in. As real estate agents have time constraints like meeting deadlines, shift timings, they cannot remain available to the customer throughout the day. With chatbots in real estate being available round the clock, 365 days a year, the customer's queries can be addressed even outside of operational hours.

Not every customer will be looking for the same type of apartment or property. Chatbot in real estate is the key element here in providing the customer exactly what they want by probing the visitor with a series of questions and interactively offering relevant information. This is in stark contrast to the conventional manner of collecting information through lengthy forms. Previously, physical copies of forms were given out to customers to decide the type of property they are interested in—most of the forms ending up in the trashcan. With chatbots in real estate, customers are engaged in real-time and at the same time, collecting information about their preferences.

The biggest positive of any robot is time efficiency. By deploying a chatbot, realtors and sales teams will be dealing with a much narrower, filtered, and pre-qualified lead base, which will save time and effort. Also, chatbots work at the grass-root level by interacting with each potential lead in a personalized manner. This way, trends can be identified between customer and bot interactions, which will help improve customer service.

As people become more comfortable with the concept of the chatbot, it's inevitable that every industry should deploy bots to ease their operations, and realty is no exception. 

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