Why Smart Home Ownership is Booming the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is booming with buyers' desire to be smart homeowners.

FREMONT, CA: Smart home with smart features makes all the buzz these days. Sources revealed that clients seek housing that deploys smart home technology or is compatible with smart home devices. Twenty-two percent of clients were interested in whole-home technology, whereas 42 percent were interested in smart home gadgets, 13 percent were looking for smart home tech for specific rooms only, and 41% weren't interested in a smart home at all. In a world where Wi-Fi and bluetooth are integrated into almost every electronic device, people are seeking to get their homes smartened up, leaving an impact on the real estate game. 

With such a constant demand to have technology infused in a home, people crave for a more futuristic home to gravitate toward privacy, security, and cost and energy savings to assist step things up a notch. The smart home industry has developed beyond video doorbells and lighting and has extended its potential to virtually every room possible. From bedrooms and kitchens to even toilets, there is a smart device available for making daily chores easier. Most smart home devices like speakers and security cameras are tiny and portable enough to be taken from home-to-home; nevertheless, larger appliances like the AC, fridges, and stoves may not be simple to move, which is more than likely why some new properties are being configured with tech features.

Realtors understand that buyers like to see the latest technology in a home and are ready to accommodate most of the house with these features. With video doorbells growing as the new standard, homeowners like the security feature of observing who is at the door and keeping an eye on packages that could be stolen off the front porch. Smart homes aren’t exclusive to houses either. Property managers of luxury condos and apartment complexes are acknowledging the value of integrating smart home technology. 

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