NOVA company: Manifesting The Dream of Smart Cities

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Denis Radzimovskii, CEO & Board member, NOVA companyDenis Radzimovskii, CEO & Board member
First, smartphones brought the power of the internet to our fingertips. Then came smart homes and devices, courtesy of technologies like IoT and machine learning, making our lives more connected and efficient.

A similar wave is on the horizon—smart cities—where science fiction and reality ultimately converge.

This is not surprising, given how much technology has impacted the various facets of our lives. Governments, businesses, and people play a critical role in creating the cities of tomorrow where everything will be interconnected.

The only question remaining is, “where to start?”

NOVA company believes that the real estate industry will pave the way to smart cities. After all, infrastructure connects people and is the foundation of every society. This is the guiding principle of the NOVA Realty digital platform, which brings governments, businesses, and people onto a single platform.

“NOVA Realty digital platform easily captures the entire lifecycle of real estate management,” says Denis Radzimovskii, CEO and board member of NOVA.
It starts with territorial planning that includes information analysis, learning the rules and regulations of a city, and compliance standards. Once the project begins, the tool manages real estate operations, finances, registries, payments, suppliers, and contracts—in one word, everything can be done on the NOVA Realty digital platform.

So, how can one platform lay the foundation for smart cities?

NOVA Realty digital platform can help real estate companies to build the digital twin of a city, eliminating the need for an architect to analyze a location and wait for months to get government approval. The digital version of the real estate then makes it easy to visualize and plan the whole development cycle.

Using the tool, the government can efficiently and cost effectively plan and create infrastructure. They don’t have to rely on consultants to give the green light to a project, which can take months or even years. It also removes any room for error that may push a deadline causing time delays and big losses on profit margins.

This transparent approach also benefits people living within the proximity of the site. Knowing what is being built in their neighborhood, they can rest assured their everyday life will not be negatively affected.

From the entrepreneur’s perspective, NOVA Realty digital platform is a useful tool allowing them to cut the duration of a project in half. In addition to that, if their investors reside in a different country, they can simply interact directly via the platform rather than having to send consultants and agents to physically present the real estate project.

NOVA Realty Digital Platform Can Easily Capture The Entire Lifecycle Of Real Estate Management

NOVA company showcased its groundbreaking tool in Dubai at Expo 2020, one of the largest exhibition events hosting representatives from more than 190 countries. This historical event was the perfect stage for NOVA to introduce its platform to the world. The response it received was nothing less than overwhelming - representatives of more than 50 countries have expressed a desire to use NOVA Realty.

While the rest of the world gears to shift toward smart cities, the Middle East has already begun its work. Dubai is a smart city, where the government invests billions in making its skyscrapers grand and smart. These factors inspired NOVA company to shift its headquarters from Europe to UAE.

With everything in place, NOVA company is ready to turn metropolitans into smart cities. Now, it’s just a matter of when.

NOVA company

Regal Tower Business Bay, Dubai

Denis Radzimovskii, CEO & Board member

NOVA is a technology company that has created NOVA Realty, the first global platform for real estate

NOVA company

"NOVA Realty Digital Platform Can Easily Capture The Entire Lifecycle Of Real Estate Management"

- Denis Radzimovskii, CEO & Board member