Pied Parker, Inc. (aka Pied): Pioneering a Smart Parking and Property Experience

A time traveler from 1987 could arrive in a San Francisco parking garage today and see its technology virtually unchanged with its attendant, gate, and ticketing system. In fact, the only part unfamiliar (other than the newer cars) would be that the garage is so empty because of this “Covid thing.” Many of us haven’t used a parking garage in months, or even years since Covid hit as work-from-home and reduction of in-person events and travel has made drastically reduced demand.

New innovations have started to change the way we’ve parked for the last 100 years. Led by a California-based technology start-up called Pied Parker, garages are starting to leverage breakthroughs in wireless, image recognition, AI and other technologies.

Pied Parker’s founder, Gianni Strul-Maxemin, sizes up the changes, “When you take a customer-led view, you start to see how to bring technologies to improve the experience, increase revenues and reduce costs. We’re simply doing in parking what has already been done in retail, financial services, and so much more.”

For example, Pied Parker offers a next-generation computer-vision-based parking management system that allows building operators, property managers, and owners to fully manage their parking assets remotely. Rather than call in at the end of day or get a weekly report, they can log into a convenient dashboard and understand the performance of their locations.

With a simple three-step automated entry/exit building technology solution, the company’s platform enables building owners and event organizers to rent parking spaces to vehicles while also providing remote barrier control, scanning, and on-demand technical support, allowing customers to use a user-friendly parking management platform at a low cost.
Besides lowering costs, PiedParker’s system also prevents massive revenue loss and increases the value of the property by fabricating smart data into every building.

In addition, Pied Parker employs the most effective license plate recognition software on cameras to identify and match information of each vehicle driving onto properties. Doing so dramatically increases throughput, improves utilization, and deters crime. The fully automated entry/exit system includes AI-based LPR cameras at both entrance and exit checkpoints that scan each vehicle entering and exiting with Pied’s software. When a vehicle approaches a facility, Pied recognizes and registers the vehicle information while communicating navigation.

The automated system integrates with the Pied Box—that enables the system to quickly gather the vehicle details. The technology also aids in the authentication and unlocking of the barrier at the beginning and end of the parking session. In addition to offering a faster, simpler, and safer entry/exit system, the company provides a lightning fast PCI-compliant contactless automatic payment solution.

The automated Pied Parker system can integrate with any existing gate system. Through its quick and non-invasive installation method, Pied can integrate into any existing parking system. In combination with the rapid problem solving team, the company ensures prompt solutions to customer concerns.

Maxemin also points out the improved customer experience — that the system does away with the hassle of hanging on to parking tickets. The company provides an intuitive and comprehensive dashboard platform that enables building owners to manage payments while also providing a real-time admin system. This technology enables managing properties that have parking to be less painful when it is necessary to compile and comb through all financial data. With the Pied Parker technology, operators and building owners can wave goodbye to painstaking time laboring over tracing money.

“The software that we created has brought modern technologies to all operations throughout the parking industry. Building owners love it, and so do property and parking managers. For a long time, the industry talked about updating its management, pricing and payments and now it’s actually happening as we have a team of alumni from Google, Dell, AWS, Stanford and others that have built the core initiatives for global autonomous systems,” extols a visibly excitedMaxemin.

Pied Parker is currently growing and plans to expand with an intention to be able to plug into properties all over. “We want to help building developers and parking managers to actually tap into their facilities remotely and get eyes into their facility so that they can solve parking as well as transportation logistics,” concludes Maxemin.

Pied Parker, Inc. (aka Pied)

Palo Alto, CA

Gianni Maxemin, Founder & President

The California based company, Pied Parker provides next-generation machine learning and computer vision-based parking technology. Pied Parker is paving the way to a new and innovative method of parking by offering a simple and easy-to-use contactless parking solution. The technology allows building operators, property managers, and owners to fully manage their parking assets remotely. Rather than call in at the end of day or get a weekly report, they can log into a convenient dashboard and understand the performance of their locations. In addition to offering contactless parking, the Pied Parker system also allows users to rent out parking spaces

Pied Parker, Inc. (aka Pied)

"We provide a system that enables owners and operators to see what’s happening in their facility in real time"

- Gianni Maxemin, Founder & President