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Melanie Prescott, Owner, Platinum TC ServicesMelanie Prescott, Owner
“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” — Winston Churchill

As real estate agents are aware, failure is inevitable. There will always be transactions that get canceled or not accepted, but the agent's enthusiasm to get their clients back into escrow will ultimately be their ‘Success.’

Once an agent receives the sought-after email that says, “Congratulations you are in contract!” their next step will be partnering with a transaction coordinator who can help conquer all of those tasks necessary to close their deal. Platinum TC Services is an industry leader in the seamless coordination of real estate transactions. They offer premier service to streamline administrative tasks and paperwork for any type of deal, no matter how complex it may be!

Through its comprehensive array of services, the company ensures that all required signatures and initials are complete on the contract, verifies necessary contract addenda inclusions, fills in commission disbursement forms, opens files with escrow companies, and performs several other legal and administrative tasks, in turn, allowing realtors to focus on their expertise which is selling and servicing their client's needs.

Melanie Prescott, the owner at Platinum TC Services, says, "Our primary goal is to optimize the workloads of our clients and get them paid on time with a complete file.” More importantly, the company manages the TC services like a well-oiled machine, ensuring a hassle-free experience for the parties involved in a real estate transaction.

In a world where real estate transactions are filled with regulatory changes, Melanie knows that the key to success is continuing education. Most of the time, a real estate transaction is delayed due to a lack of knowledge that impedes customer satisfaction and can sometimes lead to the termination of deals. The team at Platinum TC Services is on top of the latest regulatory changes to ensure a seamless experience for their clients. They are experts in their field and always stay one step ahead with exceptional organization skills that only come from years' worth of experience – a trait only shared by the torchbearers such as Melanie. "We like to get involved in the process early on, which allows us to prepare the file, open escrow and get the details upfront. Once the property sells, we have the required documents ready to rock and roll," explains Melanie.

At the backdrop of Melanie's radiant personality is a story of sheer grit and determination with which she has amassed more than two decades of experience in the real estate industry.
  • "I love the person I’ve become because I fought to become her." - Kaci Diane

Despite coming from a humble background, Melanie aimed for the sky and embarked on her real estate journey as an executive assistant to the sales manager for a new home builder. After juggling a few jobs, she joined a resale real estate company as an auditor and commission's processor. “During my tenure with both new homes and resale companies, I conducted group sessions that helped agents learn about important processes in their industry all while enhancing the success of nearly 1,000 agents. I audited contracts for the direct purpose of broker risk management and have been recognized as someone who can get things done," explains Melanie. After a successful stint as an auditor and commission processor, Melanie decided to expand her knowledge by obtaining her real estate license.

“You were born an original, don't die a copy.” - John Mason

Melanie found her calling when she was asked to transition to the role of a TC when one of the in-house TC’s stepped down within the company. In the very first year of working as a TC, Melanie proved her ambition and drive with exemplary performance. "I enjoyed being a sounding board to the agents, which not only helped them close deals efficiently but also helped me grow as a TC," says Melanie. As she reflects on that transition in her career, Melanie will never forget the moment she told her boss, and her boss at the time said “you will never be successful as a TC.” Neither one of them knew at the time she had found her dream job. What you need to know about Melanie is when anyone doubts her abilities it lights her fire to be even more successful. Subsequently, in 2016 Melanie started laying the foundation for Platinum TC Services and after working at the resale company for 17 years, in 2020 Melanie officially went fully independent. Today, with her vast experience and knowledge of Multi-Family, Commercial, Vacant Land, Probate, and Trust Sale transactions, Melanie assists multiple real estate agents and various brokers, in streamlining their real estate transactions.

A Cut Above the Rest

One of Melanie’s favorite quotes is “The most success you’ll ever know is helping others succeed and grow.” By Gregory Reid Scott

Despite being in the cut-throat real estate industry, Melanie has made a name for herself by not letting competition be an overwhelming factor. Her talent and hard work are what allowed her to succeed where others have failed! “I don't compete with my local TC’s. In fact, we all learn from one another, we help each other in mitigating administrative hurdles, we refer within our group when we cannot accept a new client, and we are all friends,” says Melanie.
Besides, she also strives to improve the TC community's collaboration and help each individual grow along the way. "I have been blessed with an amazing mentor, who set a precedent for the culture and camaraderie that I felt was missing within the industry," informs Melanie. Her ultimate goal is to build a network where all of the TC’s can support one another. “No one else in the industry can even for one second understand our position, which is why we need to band together and create a united front,” says Melanie.

While Melanie does not believe in the competition, she leaves no stones unturned and offers one of the best client management practices within the industry. Instead of bombarding the clients with unnecessary emails, Platinum TC Services first understands that all the requirements for each broker and subsequently sends 95% of the necessary documents in its initial electronic signature package. However, although Melanie keeps her official communication to a minimum, she believes in establishing genuine bonds with her clients, where they feel comfortable communicating with her. "I am always available for my clients, be it through a professional commitment or as a friend," says Melanie.

"Use your smile to change the world; don't let the world change your smile." Anonymous

Melanie emphasizes the importance of teamwork and has created a dynamic and collaborative working environment consisting of five assistants, an accountant, and a marketing consultant who work together to deliver excellent results for their clients. "We only focus on what we’re good at, we all have our strengths and that’s where we spend our time and energy," says Melanie.

She is also a big advocate for continued learning and leveraging personal experience as a guide for future scenarios. "In the real estate industry, the learning never stops. Thus, to be successful, you need to either have a TC who knows what they are doing and stays up to date on current industry standards, or you risk delays in the deal," mentions Melanie. In addition, she is always willing and has the knowledge to answer the agent’s questions or direct them to the proper resources.

Platinum TC Services has carved a niche for itself in the industry with numerous success stories of delivering innovative TC services to its clients. Through her attention to detail and effective client management, Melanie has led the company to exemplary results. Case in point, last year, Platinum TC services tripled its size in terms of the volume of clients. Going forward, Melanie aims to take Platinum TC Services to new heights by expanding into other states across the U.S. in the coming years. She also plans to broaden the portfolio of its services and render assistant services to its clients. On top of all that she is very determined to have TC’s be recognized as essential to a real estate transaction.
- Mark Wilson and Tori Barker, Creative Marketing
    November 15, 2021

Platinum TC Services

Sacramento, CA

Melanie Prescott, Owner

Platinum TC Services is a real estate company that delivers premier transaction coordination (TC) services to streamline the administrative tasks and complex paperwork in a real estate deal. Through its comprehensive array of services, the company ensures that all required signatures and initials are complete on the contract, verifies necessary contract addenda inclusions, fills in commission disbursement forms, opens files with escrow companies, and performs several other legal and administrative services in turn, allowing realtors to focus on their expertise

Platinum TC Services

""Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History." Laurel Thatcher Ulrich"

- Melanie Prescott, Owner