Property Meld: Crafting Seamless Resident Experience with Automated Maintenance

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Ray Hespen, Co-Founder & CEO, Property MeldRay Hespen, Co-Founder & CEO
Today's property managers must evaluate and respond to changing market conditions and world events, be aware of new developments in technology, and find additional ways to increase revenue. At the same time, they must maintain the personal client relationships that are so integral to their business. Consumers are paying more attention to experience than ever before, putting the pressure on service providers to deliver better experiences. As technology evolves, it is rapidly pushing the bar higher for more intuitive measures to exceed customer expectations.

On the contrary, property management is one of those spaces where technology hasn't yet caught up with consumer’s expectations. As a result, property managers struggle to get throughput to a positive place and position themselves on the right side of this curve. It ultimately leaves residents in the dark and vendors void of oversight. Property Meld has carved a niche for itself in this space, aiming to make a more streamlined, transparent, and efficient process resulting in more renewals because of a great experience.

Property Meld eliminates the mundane processes that bog down property management companies, preventing them from reaching their potential. Property managers can focus on growing and improving their business, while increasing efficiency by facilitating the scheduling of maintenance tasks and correcting visibility issues with third-party vendors. The solution is designed primarily for portfolios with at least 100 units. As a robust communication hub, Property Meld allows residents, maintenance coordinators, and vendors to communicate with accountability.

Offered as an ideal solution to a property management company's resident maintenance requests, ticket times, vendor scheduling, job tracking, and much more, Property Meld helps them provide an all-around better maintenance experience for their clients.
"We believe in creating a great maintenance experience while making a big impact on the bottom line," says Ray Hespen, co-founder and CEO of Property Meld.

The Inception

Property Meld was the brainchild of two colleagues who saw a problem – in this case, coordinating maintenance work in rental communities – and came up with a solution. Hespen and partnering co-founder David Kingman, came up with the idea for Property Meld in 2014 while renting properties in cities thousands of miles apart,and experiencing similar issues with their maintenance request processes. They started working on a software solution to help property managers streamline the process in 2014. Today, hundreds of property management firms are utilizing Property Meld's software across the US and Canada.

An Intelligent Maintenance Platform

Property Meld has become such a powerful platform, that even the industry's top names in call-centers offer clients discounts to work through it. With the mission of delivering positive maintenance experience while intelligently improving efficiency and oversight, Property Meld integrates with their clients' existing platforms, including Rent Manager and Propertyware, with more to come. They also have built seamless ways to work with the platform if you don't have an API-enabled property management accounting platform.

Pure Expertise

Property Meld's faultless transparency between the vendors, technicians, residents, and maintenance coordinators has positioned them as one of the most sought-after maintenance solution platforms. While onboarding one of their clients, they noticed their client received a barrage of calls from residents regarding service issues. The client's internal team was totally in the dark about how things panned out without proper streamlining of vendors in their communication process. As soon as Property Meld implemented its procedures, they were able to reduce their phone call volume by 93 percent, that in turn, freed up the client's team to work on newly added items. With the resident satisfaction soaring, the client observed an increment of 87 percent in their maintenance satisfaction rating.
Going Toe-to-Toe

As property management experts worldwide anticipate significant changes in the rental industry with the fallout of the global pandemic, Property Meld is ready to join the crusade and lead the change. "We are constantly navigating this space to educate residents, vendors, and technicians and help them contribute toward various solutions to these challenging times," asserts Hespen. While the accounting systems are more focused on collecting rent, Property Meld is laser-focused on maintenance coordination, and has shifted its emphasis towards driving better outcomes for their customers .

"We are obsessed about maintenance, and we have every intent on making it amazing while superefficient"

With a team of results-driven, energetic, well-composed individuals, Property Meld has made a significant impact in the past six years on both the industry and the tech start-up space, proven by its year over year growth. "Our people are solving a problem that they've personally experienced, and they care about fixing it. That is a unique and compelling motivator for our company," states Hespen.

Currently, Property Meld is the top-notch maintenance platform in the US. "We are proud of the fact that we are innovating in this space when it comes to delivering a high-level resident experience with improved efficiency," states Hespen. Forging ahead, the company will be working on the copious amounts of collected dataand optimizing the property management experience every day. "Driving the components that are ultimately required for a resident to have a profound experience is our bread and butter," asserts Hespen.

The ongoing pandemic has already accelerated the need to move to a more digital economic stance. Property Meld will continue to strive to make this transition easy when it comes to conducting the maintenance smoothly from anywhere. Within the next 12 to 18 months, the company believes the expectations in property management are going to keep marching more towards a consumer-grade experience. Meaning, there will be immense pressure on firms to figure out how to elevate their services without breaking their wallet. Property Meld believes it's in a position to deliver this positive experience while driving costs down.

Property Meld

Rapid City, South Dakota

Ray Hespen, Co-Founder & CEO

Property Meld provides a platform that receives, assigns, coordinates, and schedules all maintenance activity; meanwhile, updates and notifies all parties of repairs, completion, follows-up with tenants, among others

Property Meld

"We are proud of the fact that we are innovating in this space when it comes to delivering a high-level resident experience with improved efficiency"

- Ray Hespen, Co-Founder & CEO