Rethink: Transforming Commercial Real Estate Dealmaking

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Vijay Mehra, CEO, RethinkVijay Mehra, CEO
Technology today delivers mobility, instant information, and better customer service, capabilities that are as yet untapped by the majority of the commercial real estate (CRE). To keep up with the progressive and tech-first market, CRE professionals must relegate the old way of conducting business and embrace solutions that deliver more. Vijay Mehra, CEO of Rethink, is a CRE guru, who realized this need and set out to redefine the processes of managing real estate brokerage. The need was answered in the form of Rethink’s CRE software solutions, which upgraded the way commercial real estate brokerages managed their processes, deal flow, and data. “Our solutions provide greater insights into the real estate business and help brokers close more deals,” mentions Mehra. Since its inception, the company has been on a journey to build the best solutions for CRE professionals to gain a competitive advantage and obtain better insights from their engagements.

The first of their products, dubbed Rethink Core, is a commercial client relationship management tool. Rethink Core enables brokers to manage their business pipeline effectively and gain visibility into their data. In the old school way of doing business, brokers try to access the data—such as contacts and deal information—using Excel sheets, sticky notes, and Word files. Moreover, the way they track this information is different.
The company introduces a unique solution to allow brokers and brokerages to manage all the information, including prospecting, deal management and closing the transaction under one umbrella. In addition to helping brokers make critical business decisions, the solution also provides a better service via seamless integration with industry-leading prop-tech tools, giving CRE professionals a real competitive advantage.

While Rethink Core stands as an effective deal management solution for brokers, its sister solution, Rethink Intelligence, provides access to more than eight and a half million CRE properties in the country. The solution enables brokers to find information about any property and prospect the same. As a result, Rethink can give clients access to information at their fingertips, helping them make critical business decisions more efficiently.

To cite one instance of their solutions’ efficacy, Rethink helped Pierson Commercial—a leading commercial retail real estate service provider—improve customer experience. Like many other real estate firms, Pierson Commercial was also conditioned to manage their deal pipeline using spreadsheets and paper records. The client knew that this was not ideal and wanted something that could help them streamline their process. After a thorough evaluation of available options, the client landed on Rethink. By combining the power of CRM and PropTech, Rethink provided Pierson Commercial with all the features and functionality they needed without the hassle of managing multiple systems. The client integrated Rethink with Drawloop, a document generation tool Pierson uses to manage invoices, which allowed their brokers and back-office staff to work together more efficiently. Moreover, the client could successfully close more deals with Rethink’s automated workflows.

Through their hands-on work with customers, the company has honed the Rethink approach, giving them the ability to configure the perfect solution for each client. Instead of employing a one-size-fits-all model, Rethink’s customer success team takes the time to learn about the client’s business and processes before configuring a solution to best support their requirements. They also leverage their partnership with Salesforce to deliver a tailor-fit solution for meeting the client’s unique needs. “We understand that no two businesses are the same and their requirements are different,” says Mehra. Rethink’s customer success team goes above and beyond to support the clients and ensure they adopt the solution to drive ROI.

The company has undergone tremendous growth in the past three years and is on a mission to capture more market share. According to Mehra, innovation is the key to their success. For that reason, the company is pushing the envelope to improve the product and the experience.


Austin, TX

Vijay Mehra, CEO

Rethink is powered by the idea that commercial real estate is the catalyst for opportunity and economic growth. The company’s solution combines the leading commercial real estate CRM with hands-on customer success and seamless integrations to industry-leading tools. This gives CRE professionals unparalleled insights and competitive advantages in their markets. The Rethink vision is to be the future of CRE deal making


"Our solution provides better insights into the real estate business and help brokers close more deals"

- Vijay Mehra, CEO