RF Connect: Technology- and Approach- agnostic Untethering Solutions for Smart Buildings

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Jeffrey Hipchen, EVP , RF ConnectJeffrey Hipchen, EVP
The increased utilization of wireless technologies in infrastructure projects has spawned a vast array of untethering solutions in the PropTech industry today. This market scenario can overwhelm property owners in their evaluation and selection processes as they attempt to modernize. Cybersecurity and myriad compliance requirements create further complications and challenges. Navigating such turbulent situations can prove expensive for businesses and property owners, but with RF Connect’s expert guidance, wireless connectivity can be leveraged to achieve new business and technology benefits.

Michigan-based RF Connect empowers organizations to utilize and implement wireless technologies in an efficient and effective manner. The company is an untethering specialist that designs, deploys, oversees, and operates wireless network solutions, creating safer and more productive technological ecosystems.

“We specialize in the full wireless spectrum and help businesses achieve their digital transformation objectives and deploy befitting wireless solutions,” says Jeffrey Hipchen, EVP of RF Connect.

RF Connect leverages its market experience as a trusted advisor to offer approach-agnostic untethering solutions and services. The company helps organizations overcome wireless connectivity challenges by providing innovative broadband solutions and end to-end wireless services including data connectivity, smartphone enablement and public-safety communications utilizing a toolkit that comprises 4G and 5G cellular infrastructure, Wi-Fi, LPWAN, and new Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) Private Wireless Networks.
The solutions offered by RF Connect are focused on connectivity, and the company has amassed a proven track record whereby the firm is a sought-after name for cellular coverage and public-safety communications. It has also pioneered solutions based on CBRS for which it has deployed numerous custom networks for client-specific applications supported by the company’s product portfolio of Core Network, RAN and EPC offerings. To ensure the successful deployment of wireless connectivity solutions, RF Connect commences the implementation process by identifying its clients’ unique and specific challenges.

RF Connect’s proven process is to identify and understand its client’s challenges before deploying an appropriate solution, rather than starting with network architecture or a solution.

The company’s experts conduct site surveys to assess the wireless connectivity situation of each client’s facilities. After documenting the critical information and sharing it with the design team, RF Connect’s team conducts predictive modeling to determine the most befitting solutions for clients. This product and architecture-agnostic approach enables the company to devise solutions that cost-effectively and proficiently address a client’s use cases, network coverage area goals, KPIs, and budgets.
  • We specialize in the full wireless spectrum and help businesses achieve their digital transformation objectives and deploy befitting wireless solutions

RF Connect’s offerings extend beyond technology to also include funding options such as capital and operating leases and carrier contributions, giving building owners and tenants complete command over their wireless networks. To ascertain that the networks stay on par with the changing industry standards, the firm’s connectivity specialists ceaselessly monitor and evaluate the latest advancements in wireless technology and update their clients’ networks accordingly. RF Connect’s team then conducts a best practices implementation, optimization, and management of the installed wireless systems to ensure continuous and optimal performance.

Enhancing the implementation of personalized wireless solutions is the company’s multifarious portfolio of network and device planning, project management, and turnkey managed services tailored to a client’s unique connectivity requisites. The wireless solutions can be customized to accommodate specific SLA and KPI requirements.

With such a customer-centric approach, RF Connect has implemented wide-ranging and effortlessly scalable networks for numerous businesses. The company has demonstrated its proficiency in deploying wireless solutions while serving Urban Land Interest, Rush University Medical Center, and Ford Motor Company, where it successfully addressed their unique connectivity challenges.

RF Connect forms long-term relationships with its customers, ensuring their networks evolve and remain updated on the latest wireless breakthroughs. A specialist in the delivery of a full wireless spectrum, with a team of seasoned experts on board, RF Connect empowers businesses to control their wireless connectivity journey, achieve techno-business goals and objectives, and maintain a competitive edge in today’s PropTech age.

RF Connect

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Jeffrey Hipchen, EVP

RF Connect empowers businesses to navigate wireless connectivity challenges by offering innovative wireless broadband solutions and end-to-end services. The company has consolidated its stature in the market as a trusted advisor that offers approach-agnostic untethering solutions and services.

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