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Timmi Ryerson, CEO, Smart Property SystemsTimmi Ryerson, CEO
A real estate management veteran with 35 years of experience, Timmi Ryerson has led Smart Property Systems to help property management companies, brokers, and investors optimize rental management and improve business outcomes. Walking in lockstep with time, Timmi hasn’t thought twice to redefine the solution from the ground up to make the most of the groundbreaking technologies and deliver greater value to clients. With the company’s user-centric solution, clients can automate the complete rental cycle. Opening the door to new possibilities, the company is excited about the upcoming release of the upgraded version of its flagship solution built on best-of-breed technologies for an enhanced experience and seamless business execution.

Built around the cloud, big data, and enhanced automation, the new solution can scale horizontally to serve diverse users, from small property owners to multibillion-dollar property owners, without compromising on speed, security, compliance, and cost-efficiency. “We have PCI compliance and our clients’ data is secured through encryption and several layers of protection, which has won us an impressive track record in the market,” says Timmi. The automated accounting system built into the solution helps property managers streamline their workflow and simplify payment processing at scale, in lesser time. The owners can also keep track of the past and future payments and assessments.

Smart Payment Systems has refined the payment processes and messaging system for stronger communication between different individuals and with the board of directors for homeowner associations. They can see the account balance in the payment portal, making a huge difference for owner associations of all types.

Furthermore, large property management firms have increasingly adopted the new system for its built using best-in-class technologies, which has never been used before. It’s easy to use, and organizations can get their employees up and running quickly. Besides, the employees can access the software and track details on properties they need to manage. The smart system has running logs for the management that provide information on the employees’ work progress.

The firm has worked with numerous first-time property managers, helping them individually in developing proper lease with all the necessary information required to manage a property. Besides, it also entertains their questions about occasional issues and provides the best practices.

An able and dedicated customer service has been the secret sauce of Smart Property Systems’ success. The firm has an overall rating of 5 stars for its efficient customer service team. What’s more, the solution’s pricing structure starts from a modest range of $15 a month to accommodate small property owners to use the solution.

That said, the devastating impact of COVID-19 is felt across all the industries, and real-estate is not an exception. Since the pandemic hit, property sales have reached an all-time low, giving owners a hard time utilizing a property. Restaurants and eateries have shut down, putting millions out of work and income. Smart Property Systems has emerged as a boon for owners, agents, and tenants in this pandemic era. “Our new property management system has automated tasks freeing up time for management to manage their workflow efficiently,” says Timmi. The solution is updated regularly, enabling subscribers to save time and resources during COVID-19.

Marching forward, Smart Property Systems focuses on expanding in Dubai, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Baltics. The firm has currently encouraged its users and subscribers to send feedback about their experience. Based on these suggestions, Smart Property Systems is on its way to making an in-depth maintenance and repair management system for the software. Furthermore, the firm will collaborate with another company that will allow property managers to order vinyl, flooring types wholesale from a builders’ source directly.

Smart Property Systems

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Timmi Ryerson, CEO

Cloud-based solution stores data in the cloud, giving the user access to their properties remotely

"We have PCI compliance and our clients’ data is secured through encryption and several layers of protection, which has won us an impressive track record in the market"

- Timmi Ryerson, CEO