Synergee: Taking Retail Network Management to a New Level

Laurent Dubernais, Founder & CEO, SynergeeLaurent Dubernais, Founder & CEO
In today’s real estate world, opening a physical shop for retailers have become a challenging and expensive endeavour. The drastic economic change, web competition and fast life cycles has presented a hard time for retailers to expand their business and managing the entire lifecycle of the shop has become crucial. The main goal of development in a retail network is to manage everything from finding an appropriate location, building the right business plan, contracting and ensuring that the projects run smoothly. Although these tasks appear to be simple, the fact is that most of the networks use several tools or files, lack time, necessary resources, or ability to keep pace with ever-changing technologies and the implementation of specific solutions. The need of the hour is an extensive system that helps retailers, manage the branch network throughout its life cycle—from setting up to managing day-to-day operations and business analysis.

This is precisely where Synergee marks its presence by offering a modular solution to manage retail’s entire commercial branch network. Be it centralisation of contractual information, field auditing, financial analysis, budgeting and forecasting, or business planning and development, Synergee has it covered.

Synergee’s cloud-based comprehensive solution comprises 15 modules that helps retailers, whatever the way they operate, direct or franchise, manage all the financial, development, operational, legal and technical aspects of a commercial network.
“For example, our dynamic property management module contributes to lowering a retailer’s “physical” shop’s TCO for both real estate and equipment by collaboration, cost and quality control,” states Laurent Dubernais, Founder and CEO of Synergee. The management module also allows the clients to calculate the right-of-use asset and lease liability, thus aiding them in planning their budgets accordingly.

For stores that are on a lease, there are specific deadlines and legal formalities, which vary from country to country. Synergee’s contract module centralises all contractual information related to the clients’ point of sale, saves the history of events and documents, and calculates the deadlines for the legal formalities based on the locality and their specifications. “Clients can optimise their upcoming and ongoing projects with Synergee’s project and site management module where they devise plans for the different schemes such as new constructions, opening or remodelling,” says Dubernais. The module lets clients monitor their budgets and deadlines and helps them in collaborating with the appropriate vendor. The maintenance module streamlines the work order requests, quotes and intervention dates and controls the quality of the work in progress.

The process of building a network and connecting the stakeholders like suppliers, customers and providers involves unnecessary expenditure and consumes a lot of time. “Our main aim is to manage the costs and time because during the project the client does not have any monetary returns as the business is not ready to be launched,” remarks Dubernais. “Our system efficiently handles projects, the collaboration between the various parties involved, approvals, workflows and costs efficiently through our modules.”

Synergee’s expanding client base includes some of the eminent brands from across the world. The globally famous French brand Lacoste is one such name, which adds further credibility to the company. Synergee solved the challenges of reducing the real estate costs for Lacoste by controlling their maintenance and rents across their national and international stores. “We enhance our methods constantly and are on the lookout for new approaches that we encounter globally to offer the best to our clients,” remarks Dubernais. Synergee takes immense pride in their ability to respond to the diversity of language, currency, and accounting standards or regulations and caters to the requirement of their 280 clients, extending across 120 countries.

The future looks promising for Synergee as the company envisions adding new analytics to enhance their solutions portfolio. With the aim of reaching a new zenith, Synergee plans to provide market benchmarking to determine the client’s best performance.


Colombes, France

Laurent Dubernais, Founder & CEO

Synergee is the European leader in cloud solutions for franchise and real estate management. Through a SaaS platform, the company provides powerful tools to analyse and benchmark performance in order to develop, manage and optimise the client's network. Synergee works with all types of commercial network : franchise, cooperative trade and associate, central purchasing, central SEO and integrated networks. Synergee adapts to the client's needs and supports their retail network throughout its life cycle. The company counts over 240 client banners, which represents 55,000 points of sale in 120 countries