TeqTometic: One-Stop Shop for All Property Management Needs

Management and maintenance of real estate can be a challenging task for any commercial or residential property owner or manager. A dedicated cloud-based property management software (PMS) helps property owners and managers streamline rental operations, keep track of tenant information, and reduce overhead costs.

At the helm of PMS innovation is TeqTometic.
Driven by the mission to simplify property management, TeqTometic offers a powerful, full-service property management platform that equips property owners and managers with all the tools needed to successfully manage their rental property. With the company’s intuitive, easy-to-use, and innovative platform, landlords and property managers can manage their portfolios with ease.

“Our firm—and, most importantly, our people—have been working hand-in-hand with organizations across the construction, real estate and proptech industries to solve their complex challenges,” says John Brown, CEO of TeqTometic.

TeqTometic’s award-winning property management platform helps customers track all aspects of their properties, handle property-related operations, and automatically receive updates and new features without any installation required. Customers can access this unified platform on any of their devices while ensuring data security powered by the best cloud technologies on the market. By leveraging advanced, portfolio analytics, the platform allows users to track critical investment analytics, compare and contrast properties, and make informed decisions.

Property maintenance could never be made simpler for property owners and managers with TeqTometic’s maintenance assistant with world-class knowledge of repairs available for residents round the clock. The assistant guides tenants through quick fixes and helps them create maintenance requests when needed. Residents can also schedule repairs with vendors with just a single click and receive updates automatically.
On the other hand, TeqTometic’s offers a full-suite of maintenance tracking tools to help maintenance personnel resolve issues faster. With these tools, they can receive online maintenance requests from residents, instantly schedule repairs with market-leading vendors, and track all expenses and documents in one place. Maintenance tracking also comes with vendor management features, which make it extremely easy to allocate personnel for jobs, view history, and store reports.

What’s more, landlords and property managers can store all their property documents, including signed leases, maintenance invoices, receipts, and more, in an organized way with the advanced document storage feature of the TeqTometic’s platform. Clients can access and download documents on any of their devices without any hassle. Users can link documents to a property, lease, maintenance request, or vendor for simple retrieval and archive them when they are no longer needed to preserve their data cap. With the platform, clients no longer need to exhaustively search for the documents but locate them easily. Additionally, tenants can electronically sign pre-filled forms to complete the leasing process.

By leveraging advanced real-time property analytics, TeqTometic provides a dashboard as part of its platform to help clients track cash flow, equity, and loan balances, compare and contrast different properties, and make data-driven decisions. They can also perform property investment analysis based on real-time data. The dashboard sends notifications for late payments, vacancies, maintenance requests, and rental application submissions.
  • Our firm—and, most importantly, our people— have been working hand-in-hand with organizations across the construction, real estate and proptech industries to solve their complex challenges

Backed by such robust capabilities, TeqTometic helps clients manage properties like a pro. Steering ahead, the company continues to do what it does the best—creating a branded experience for owners and residents.


Oxford, MI

John Brown, CEO

Teqtometic is an experienced solution provider in the construction, real estate and proptech industries