TownSq: Simplifying Community Living

Katie Foell, President, TownSqKatie Foell, President
The town square was an integral cog of civilization for centuries. It was the central hub of activity, a place to celebrate, receive information, conduct business, and participate in society.

TownSq serves the same function in this swiftly digitalizing landscape. Bringing the benefits of a sustainable community into the virtual world, it is repurposing an old idea with its robust community solutions.

At its core, TownSq started as a communication tool. It has since evolved into the strongest technology application in the market, with every new feature tying back to the concept of streamlining operations and communication. Now, TownSq’s platform for communities, homeowners, and management companies offers full, end-to-end solutions, including communication and engagement, general management and administration, portfolio management, data analytics, accounting, document and resale processing, and print and mail services.

These capabilities demonstrated significant benefits during the pandemic. The app’s forum feature allowed communities to recruit volunteers for a local food bank and identify high-risk families needing help with grocery shopping and running errands. And the contactless options for guest entry management throughout the crisis reduced exposure and enhanced community collaboration.

Beyond the pandemic, the platform’s insights are advantageous for management companies, portfolio managers, independent managers, and HOA boards.
They can leverage insights to measure the overall health of their portfolios and AI capabilities to monitor real-time factors that contribute to client turnover.

In addition, TownSq has a noteworthy impact on increasing staff retention. It provides managers with carefully thought-out and reliable tools to improve overall productivity. It aims to simplify the tasks community managers perform daily.

With management teams adopting a hybrid work model, the TownSq platform’s tools will help them better connect with the communities they serve and offer the highest value.

“We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of this industry, constantly staying ahead of emerging needs and risks to ensure we abide by the rules and guidelines of the markets we operate in,” says Katie Foell, president of TownSq.”

TownSq invests substantial resources to remain a leader in security and privacy developments. Anyone using the platform can rest assured they are in a secure environment.

TownSq is equally focused on upgrading its mobile and web applications. There is a comprehensive set of features available within its mobile application, and its Apple iOS and Android app store ratings surpass competitors.
  • We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of this industry, constantly staying ahead of emerging needs and risks to ensure we abide by the rules and guidelines of the markets we operate in

A collaborative and innovation-spirited workplace culture powers TownSq’s success. Boasting dedicated customer support, client success, and implementation teams, its employees across the U.S., Canada, Colombia, and Brazil join forces to support clientele every step of the way.

TownSq concentrates heavily on boosting its development outputs and continuously enhancing, experimenting, and offering people the best technology services. With a commitment to staying engaged with the industry and getting a pulse on customers, TownSq conducts annual surveys to receive input and paint a clear picture of challenges. The team then works to incorporate emerging risks and concerns directly into its design and uses customer insights to provide features that meet needs.


Richardson, TX and Porto Alegre, Brazil

Katie Foell, President

TownSq creates solutions to improve life for people in managed communities. It connects neighbors and delivers tools and services designed to increase asset value and enhance the community experience. Created in 2013 and available to over 6 million residents worldwide, TownSq is the leading global solution for better community living”cross check the description