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Jeffrey Adler, Vice President, Yardi MatrixJeffrey Adler, Vice President
The real estate sector—from multifamily to student housing—has witnessed its fair share of paradigm shifts, the latest one being spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. A whole new set of government-mandated requirements have cropped up—like increasing cleaning and sanitation measures, ensuring tenant and visitor safety, and preserving housing affordability for mortgage-holders and tenants, among others. Consequently, many impending questions have also sprung up: Is the real estate sector headed for another crash? Is it prudent to buy, sell, or hold properties now? What should be the next investment move? Needless to say, predicting the real estate market can often become a risky gamble for analysts and investment professionals.

What they need is comprehensive, verified, and reliable data to make well-grounded decisions that go beyond guesswork—precisely the capability that Yardi Matrix offers. Whether it is equity investors, buyers, lenders, or property managers, the company helps each of these stakeholders bring clarity into their underwriting analysis and competitive benchmarking for making rational real estate investment decisions.

“Essentially, Yardi Matrix’s function is to bring more transparency in formerly opaque markets. We exist to save time and effort for investment professionals while also ensuring that they are making the right bets at the right time,” says Jeffrey Adler, vice president of Yardi Matrix. So, whenever an investment professional is underwriting or analyzing various investment opportunities, rather than having to manually gather and assess each and every disorganized bit of information regarding the properties, they can directly get the relevant insights regarding the commercial real estate market at their fingertips. As a result, they can seamlessly benchmark, predict, and compare the potential value from various investment opportunities in lesser time and with more precision. Beyond acquisition and underwriting, the insights provided by Yardi Matrix can also be leveraged for brokerage, loan origination, portfolio management and reassessment, and even property development.

A Market Intelligence Tool Made for Investment Professionals

Today, some of the most successful investment professionals across the U.S. leverage Yardi Matrix’s market intelligence tool to get comprehensive and reliable insights on multifamily, student housing, single family in build-to-rent communities, office buildings, industrial warehouses, and self-storage buildings.
Notably, the market intelligence tool covers more than 19 million property units, and billions of square feet of commercial properties, spanning across the country, in its database. As the tool is powered by independently collected and curated rent, occupancy, in-place loans, sales history, patented property improvement and location ratings, market forecasting, operational metrics, true ownership information, and supplemented with actual transacted rent/expense aggregated and anonymized data from over 10 million multifamily units running the Yardi operating platform, it provides a bird’s eye view for investment professionals to gain all necessary information to choose the property that is likely to yield the most returns. “Clients can rest assured that their investment decisions will be based on intelligent insights derived from validated historical data at both micro and macro levels rather than just the surface level information regarding the properties,” says Adler. Moreover, all the information in Yardi Matrix’s database is continuously updated, curated, and cleansed to reflect the latest conditions of the properties. In case any of the data needs further verification, the experts at Yardi Matrix manually collect the additional information regarding the properties and update it in their database.

Another striking benefit of Yardi Matrix’s market intelligence tool is its engaging user interface. Rather than being presented as flat reports, the insights are offered in the form of interactive information models, which allow for better visualization and understanding. As a result, investment professionals who often spend hours trying to comprehend intricate reports can now complete their underwriting or benchmarking tasks in a matter of minutes.

Illuminating the Path to Client Success

Getting used to Yardi Matrix’s market intelligence tool and leveraging its comprehensive insight tools is easy. Users can directly log into the tool from their desktop/laptop browsers or access it through Android or iOS applications on their phones. With its free, unlimited product training, users can quickly get accustomed to the different options and functions of the tool. Even if users need help in understanding the various data models and toolkits for their specific tasks, Yardi Matrix’s customer support is always on standby to provide assistance anytime they need it.

Owing to these capabilities, many of Yardi Matrix’s clients have been able to achieve significant returns on their investments. A case in point is a multifamily property lender who was on edge about investing in the construction of a new facility in downtown Austin, TX, during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since there was tremendous uncertainty surrounding the real estate, the client’s advisor was doubtful about the investment opportunity. But the client, wanting a second opinion, reached out to Yardi Matrix. “When we referred to our data and drew an analysis based on a multitude of factors, including location, migration pattern, etc., it showed that the investment would potentially yield good returns in the future,” says Adler. Yardi Matrix’s analysis turned out to be correct, as the client has now already begun witnessing substantial returns on this investment.

This is but one of the many success stories that the company has penned over the years. For the time being, the company will focus on the U.S. market, continuously updating and enriching its database for the benefit of its clients. “As the impediments of the pandemic alleviate further and investment professionals revamp their efforts, we will be ready to equip them with the latest insights regarding the property market and make more accurate investment decisions,” concludes Adler.

Yardi Matrix

Santa Barbara, CA

Jeffrey Adler, Vice President

Yardi Matrix offers the industry’s most comprehensive market intelligence tool for investment professionals, equity investors, lenders, and property managers who underwrite and manage investments in multifamily, single family in build-to-rent communities, student housing, self-storage, industrial and office property types. The company provides free nationwide market and institutional research reports that leverage property-level details of for all the property types it covers.. It uses the data in the Yardi property management system stack to create aggregated and anonymized operating expense, revenue, and operational metric data that improves underwriting analysis and competitive benchmarking. Beyond acquisition and underwriting, the insights provided by Yardi Matrix can also be leveraged for brokerage, loan origination, portfolio management and reassessment, and even property development

Yardi Matrix

"Today, some of the most successful investment professionals across the U.S. leverage Yardi Matrix’s market intelligence tool to get comprehensive and reliable insights on apartment properties, commercial spaces, industrial warehouses, and self-storage buildings"

- Jeffrey Adler, Vice President