3 Advantages of Virtual Wholesaling

Virtual remote wholesaling is enabling real estate investors to access the lucrative property marke across the globe.

FREMONT, CA: The essence in real estate wholesaling lies in the fact that investors are more focused on selling and buying a house rather than maintenance and repairs. The wholesaler sells the houses to investors who can make payments with cash or cash-like loans (hard money, private money) as there is no time to get a loan, and there are no appraisals or inspections. Similarly, when it comes to virtual wholesaling of real estate, a wholesaler is involved with the same overheads except for the fact that the transaction can be done remotely as well. Virtual real estate wholesaling can be done mainly through a variety of electronic means. It involves signing up for a real estate contract and then assigning that real estate contract to a different buyer using online references, fax machines, computers, and smartphones. There are various advantages of virtual remote wholesaling. 

Extending beyond an Investor's Geographical Limitations

Conventionally, real estate wholesaling has remained limited to a real estate investor’s locality. Wholesaling outside one’s own backyard was difficult, if not impossible. However, the innovative proptech technology geography is no longer a limitation for the investors as they can contract, buy, and sell investment-grade properties from almost anywhere. 

Expanding Business into Lucrative Markets

Remote virtual wholesaling offers an opportunity for real estate to tap into the lucrative market around the world. Such a capability will not only improve the return on investments for the real estate investors but also enable them to explore investment possibilities right from the comforts of their homes. 

Connecting with Motivated Sellers

Real estate investors can connect with potential buyers and sellers with the aid of remote virtual real estate platforms. The wide range of opportunities will further enable the investors to assess the deals and act accordingly. Thus, remote real estate investments can result in much higher profits as compared to conventional methods.

Due to the above advantages, real estate investors are gradually moving towards remote virtual deals to maximize their investment returns.

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