4 Proptech Offerings Revolutionizing Asset Management

Digitalization influences the proptech industry to activate an optimized, effective and innovative real estate asset management system.              

FREMONT, CA: Digitalization brings competitive advantages to the proptech industry, allowing real estate businesses to grow more rapidly than ever. Today's real estate asset managers empowered by technology are successfully expanding the availability of properties fitting the requirements of modern buyers, gain higher revenue. Digitalized real estate asset management systems provide opportunities like alternative investments, new business models, and solutions to optimize real estate business expenses. Adoption of innovative practices in the real estate businesses for asset management frames the rapid growth of the proptech industry and its high-tech solution and product offerings. Read on!

1. Asset Management Automation

The adoption of automation for real estate has revolutionized property management. Proptech’s automation initiatives help the real estate asset managers increase their daily operational efficiency of assets. Automated asset management applications operate as Platform as a Service (PaaS) model that integrates elements and appliances for building automation and performance monitoring systems. The embedded IoT sensors into real estate assets use predictive analytics and provide asset performance analytics and shift maintenance from time-based to condition-based. 

2. Smart Real Estate Infrastructure

The increasing demands for intelligent and green real estate properties influence the proptech industry to offer smart real estate asset management applications and services. Powered by smart devices, applications, and platforms, the proptech industry can provide space optimization and energy usage solutions for real estate asset managers. With the smart devices or IoT networks, the real estate asset managers can monitor parameters like temperature, humidity, and occupancy, which can offer them greater flexibility to control the usage and efficiency of the real estate assets. The revolutionary communication tools and collaboration platforms help asset managers monitor asset performance across the property portfolios by accessing valuable insights.    

3. Standardizing and Securing Assets

Smart applications with strong connectivity lower the real estate asset management cost and improve interoperability through open standard interfaces. The adoption of digital solutions empowers the real estate asset managers to anticipate customer needs and reduce costs for identifying the assets’ problematic areas. The real-time information access from advanced sensors and visual monitoring devices provide high security to real estate assets. Today proptech industry offers numerous innovative real estate asset security solutions, creating more investment opportunities in the real estate industry.

4. Securing Asset Deals With Smart Contracts

Proptech’s asset management solutions integrated with blockchain technology helps in digitalizing rental real estate payments and removing the intermediary commissions from their transaction cost significantly. Digital rental payment processes can facilitate cost-effectiveness and better decision-making. Real estate asset managers can tokenize the transactions and use smart contract platforms to allow the users and buyers to invest in transferable shares of real-world assets with cryptocurrency. The introduction of smart contracts in the proptech industry creates opportunities for real estate asset managers to restructure various processes like transferring the asset ownership and documents more securely and transparently across the platform. The integrated blockchain solutions allow asset managers and governments to verify online deeds issuance for assets in cost-effective and secure ways.    

Proptech applications and solutions for real estate asset management offer numerous advantages from improvising the initial asset protection processes to attracting the investors. The digital age real estate asset management platforms drive in investments and keep pace with the transformational change across the real estate sector. Proptech continuously contributes to reshaping the real estate sector and in the progression of the asset management system. 

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