A Deep Dive into Boosting Property Value: Is In-Building Wireless the Solution?

Today, there is increased pressure on property owners to make utilities reliable, and in-building wireless is a consideration for those who are looking to boost their property value through wireless connectivity.

FREMONT, CA: Connectivity demands from mobile devices are exploding, and people today are expecting high-speed connectivity at all times. This has become a defining trend in the real estate industry. If a property owner is receiving complaints of weak signal strength or poor reception in certain parts of buildings, it shows the need for an upgrade in the current approach to wireless connectivity. Having an in-building wireless strategy is a way many real estate owners are using to combat the above issue. According to Connected Real Estate Magazine, considering wireless coverage as a utility form is the way forward for realtors to compete in the modern real estate market.

In order to keep tenants contended, it is imperative that the property is comfortable and well- maintained with competitive features. In a world where things are web-based, reliable mobile connectivity is a strategic way to increase tenant happiness and, in turn, property value. In-building wireless connectivity, which is only present in 2 per cent of the commercial real estate space, is a massive untapped opportunity for property owners to increase the loyalty of their tenants and even their property values. For tenants, stable mobile connectivity means a must-have amenity. 

In property management and operations, mobile connectivity is essential for staff to perform their maintenance duties. Therefore, any gaps in data coverage within a property will translate into a lack of efficiency. Seamless connectivity indoors is a reality that property owners can create to benefit their staff. As a solution, in-building wireless comes in a few different flavors. It also wirelessly connects tenants, guests, and other building occupants to the network services and software applications that they need.

Investing in property means planning for both the present and the future, and in-building solutions can help property owners do just that. When realtors outfit their building with an in-building wireless system, current connectivity demands and future expectations of customers can be handled efficiently.  

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