How Fintech Complements Real Estate

By adopting fintech, realtors can address the evolving buyers’ needs effortlessly.

FREMONT, CA: The real estate industry has been at full pace in adopting technology and innovations. The advancement of machine learning (ML), AI, and robotics have led to increased automation. As a result of the recent advancements, the potential of real estate has particularly influenced the investors and financial advisors. In the current set of events, fintech developments are influencing the realtors as well. For instance, fintech is enabling the realtors to leverage new ways of raising capital and getting payments from clients quickly. 

Most of the major financial institutions are collaborating with real estate startups. Working together with startups help financial giants integrate technologies for customers without the need to build solutions from scratch. It also allows more flexibility without much risk as the firms don’t need to hire a complete innovation team. Further, real estate startups can explore a lot when they have the backing of a large financial institution. Thus, proptech startups are increasingly utilizing fintech solutions to enhance their operations and services.

Proptech startups are constantly buying fintech solutions for tackling transactional and other financial challenges associated with real estate. Further, the emergence of a new class of customers that expect digital solutions is also driving realtors towards fintech solutions. When it comes to payment, modern customers are even more selective. A real estate deal that offers simplified and hassle-free modes of payment are more likely to influence the customers. Further, such a service can also lead to genuine marketing through positive customer feedback to relatives and friends. 

The introduction of Blockchain in the financial landscape is also a promising advancement for real estate. In addition to the many benefits of blockchain-based payments, realtors can also use it as a marketing tool to attract blockchain enthusiasts.

Increasingly, realtors are leveraging fintech solutions to meet the evolving expectations of the customers. The current trend of fintech adoption in the real estate industry indicates the massive potential of fintech solutions.

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