Why a Realtor Must Embrace Conversational Marketing

The essence of conversational marketing is based on the need of the customers to engage in meaningful conversations as they proceed through the property-buying journey.

FREMONT, CA: Real estate is gaining traction with the emergence of technologies. However, there is already an unprecedented number of realtors occupying the market space. Thus, it’s difficult for new realtors to reach out to their business prospects. Conversational marketing is one such means that can aid the marketers to pierce through their peers and reach out to the property buyers. The ability to engage customers with relevant and productive conversations is what makes conversational marketing a leading means to attract customers.

Conversational marketing in real estate is highly relevant as it involves a feedback-based approach that uses insights from real-time conversations. Further, it involves a feedback-based approach that enables the customers to put forward their specifications and expectations. Realtors can work on such insights and offer their customers with most appropriate deals and services. Property buying can be a long journey for the customers as it can involve a significant share of their lifetime savings. A conversational marketing approach enables the realtors to build trust with their customers as they try to make the customer’s journey easier and seamless.

Some real estate firms are also using chatbots as a means of conversational marketing tool. Chatbots can engage customers on a much deeper level than the traditional means that required customers to fill detailed forms followed by long waiting periods. Alternatively, chatbots can immediately respond to customers’ queries and ensure that their specifications and expectations have been attended to. Apart from the customers, chatbots can also release the workload from the shoulders of the realtors by attending various customers simultaneously. While many of the customers have similar queries, customers who wish to engage in conversation with a human voice can be transferred by the chatbots to the realtors.

The major advantage of conversational marketing lies in conversions. The probability of a conversation-based approach to generate leads for realtors seems incomparable.

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